CU Boulder employs a framework for public health and COVID-19 decision-making that follows Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance.As we transition into the recovery phase of the global response, campus has resources and recommendations to help protect ourselves and our community:

  • COVID-19 data:Boulder County publishes the , which incorporate case metrics for CU Boulder affiliates. The CU Boulder COVID-19 dashboard is retired as of May 31, 2022.

  • Masks:Masks are optional on the CU Boulder Campus.

    • While masks areoptional on campus, we encourage those who prefer to do so to continue wearing them.Properly fitted N95 or KN95 masks remain an effective tool for preventing transmission, especially in conjunction with vaccination.

    • Campus departments may order free disposable masks for distribution.

  • Vaccines:COVID-19 vaccines are available through Medical Services, and can be scheduled online.

  • Academic Instruction Guidance: Academic Affairs issues new guidance for faculty and instructors at the beginning of each semester.