The minor in writing and public engagement is designed to help students hone the arts of persuasive writing and storytelling in diverse public-facing genres and media. Through a curriculum offered by the Program for Writing and Rhetoric (PWR) and the Department of English, you’ll learn how to write for various purposes and public audiences; leverage a wide variety of digital technologies to design, produce and distribute multimodal compositions; write in professional settings and with community partners; and write collaboratively for social change.

  • Synthesize and apply theories of writing, rhetoric and publics with critical race, decolonial, queer and other critical theories to a variety of rhetorical situations central to public life

  • Understand and control how writing and information circulates and gets taken up in an era of misinformation, data overload, intense political division, racial intensity and algorithmic injustice

  • Design, create and deliver persuasive compositions in a variety of genres, modes and media for diverse public audiences and rhetorical goals such as argument, advocacy, activism, policy change, community organizing, productive dialogue, networking and awareness raising